April 2022 Broader Impacts Network Meeting Resources

NNA-CO Broader Impacts Network (BIN) Meeting - April 2022

April 27, 2022 - 2pm-3pm Eastern / 12pm-1pm Mountain / 10am-11am Alaska, Virtual

The NNA-CO hosted a Broader Impacts Network (BIN) meeting on April 27, 2022, which focused on effective ways to use social media in broadening the reach of research and connecting with Arctic communities. A panel of communication experts discussed utilization of social media for sharing research with Arctic communities, impactful and culturally-relevant messaging, and actionable and tangible communication strategies. Panelists included Alice Glenn, Coffee and Quaq host and Alaska Native Media Group journalist, Sara Eckert, Communications from the Office of Polar Programs National Science Foundation, and Kristin Timm, expert in science and environmental communication from the University of Alaska Fairbanks.


Meeting Resources:

  1. Meeting slides
  2. Meeting recording of social media expert panel
  3. Mishra, J. (2020). Use your lab website to make a compelling first impression. Nature Career Column.
  4. Lee, J. M. (2019). How to use Twitter to further your research career. Nature Career Column.
  5. Hines, H. & Warring, S. (2019). How we use Instagram to communicate microbiology to the public. Nature Career Column. 
  6. Brewer, H. (2022). Physicists turn to TikTok for science communication. Physics Today.
  7. Hernandez, G. A. (2020). TikTok: The Future of Scientific Communication. Science Writing, Northeastern University Blog. 
  8. Adding Accessibility Features to Social Media Content
  9. Setting Up Tweetdeck
  10. Clean Instructions: Social Media Data Analytics - to be used in conjunction with the Clean Data spreadsheets
    1. Clean Twitter Data spreadsheet
    2. Clean Facebook Page Data spreadsheet
    3. Clean Facebook Post Data spreadsheet