Open Science


Supporting Open Science at the NNA-CO

Open science facilitates transparent, reproducible science through sharing data, methods and software used in research, as well as through open access to the results of that research.  It also encourages diversity within and access to research not only for academic but also for non-academic participants.  As such, open science aligns with the NNA-CO strategic goals of co-production of knowledge, and education and outreach.

The NNA-CO will promote and share resources for the openness, integrity, and reproducibility of NNA-funded research.  We will collaborate with the NSF Arctic Data Center (ADC) to create greater awareness amongst NNA investigators of data requirements, and of available resources for archiving their datasets with ADC for spatial, temporal, and thematic discoverability.  We will support researchers in managing and archiving data; applying the principles of Open Data to their research (FAIR Principles & CARE Principles); and understanding best practices as they deal with different data types (for example, physical environmental observations vs. social science data vs. Indigenous community data).  Following our Guiding Principles, we will work to broaden the involvement of Indigenous communities and underrepresented groups in Arctic science through promoting open and equitable access to data and results.  Working with the NNA-CO Advisory Boards, NNA researchers, and the wider research community, we will facilitate the development of best practices for open science in the context of interdisciplinary and collaborative Arctic research while recognizing and upholding Indigenous data sovereignty.

A useful guide to open science principles, and to strategies and tools for adopting these principles can be found below:

Do You Speak Open Science? Resources and tips to learn the language