Open Science Webinar: Making Arctic Science Open Science

How can we make Arctic social and environmental science open science?  The NNA-CO hosted this this one-hour virtual event on Sep 26, 2023 to discuss approaches to open science in the context of collaborative and convergent research in the Arctic, while upholding Indigenous data sovereignty.

Panelists included: 

  • Dr Julia Lowndes, Founding Director of Openscapes, Senior Fellow at NCEAS UC Santa Barbara
  • Matt Fisher, Software Developer on QGreenland project, Associate Scientist, NSIDC
  • Mohammad Afzal Shadab, Co-chair of the US Association of Polar Early Career Scientists, PhD Candidate, University of Texas at Austin

Session Recording

Session Chat Links & Resources

  1. NNA-CO Open Science Resource Lists
  2. QGreenland Researcher Workshop 2023
  3. Panelist Matt Fisher notes
  4. Supercharge your research: a ten-week plan for open data science
  5. Shifting institutional culture to develop climate solutions with Open Science
  6. What is a CITATION.cff file?
  7. The CodeMeta Project
  8. Open Science Announcements from Federal Agencies
  9. Tribes and the Exchange Network
  10. CARE Principles for Indigenous Data Governance
  11. Indigenous Data Sovereignty in the Era of Big Data and Open Data
  12. Indigenous Data Sovereignty and Open Data in Environmental Sciences
  13. NASA Transform to Open Science (TOPS)
  14. Getting to Know Open Science slides from NASA Openscapes
  15. Advancing co-production for transformative change by synthesizing guidance from case studies on the sustainable management and governance of natural resources